Yoneda and Company’s Features

1. Integrity

Through a broad global network, we aim to create a system that can respond quickly to the needs of all valves.

2. Specialty

We have high expertise and knowledge that can meet the advanced needs required for valve systems such as functionality and durability.

3. Extensibility

We have extensibility that we can propose solutions to diverse needs by making full use of core technologies and peripheral technologies.

Why we are Chosen

To Ensure Success in Business

We believe the main reasons to why Yoneda and Company Ltd. was able to overcome the strict times for over 130 years are the trust relationship between our customers and clients, the trust employees hold within the company, and our motto “sincerity and appreciation” constantly present in each individual.
We act according to what we would like to do for others, not according to how we would like to be perceived.
With the teachings from previous generations, we are constantly aiming to look at things from our customer’s perspectives.
As an example, our service “painting for products” started to fulfill our customer’s needs. For situations where the order is too complex or the cost is too hard to manage, with our company’s backup and support, we believe it is possible to achieve a merit for both customers and suppliers.

Coating Technology

About our Coating Technology

Painting is not just a simple task of spreading paint on a surface. It requires technique to create coatings or layers using paint.
The coating film from the paint is composed of multiple layers: “undercoat layer”, “intermediate layer" and "top coat layer”. Processes such as preparation of the base, uniform application, drying, and polishing require high skills and must be repeated carefully to obtain excellent results.
In recent years, there has been a rise in demand for paint with specialized functions. To fulfill our customers' needs, we provide services to remove manufacturer's standard paint film by shot blasting, and re-paint the area with paint that fulfills the customer’s requests.