Globe Valve

There is a partition inside the valve body, and disc type element is pushed against the sheet of the partition to stop the flow of fluid.

Since the flow goes through in an S shape inside the valve body, the pressure drop rises compared to other valves. On the other hand, by changing the element shape, it can be used to regulate the flow rate.


Valve box material: JIS, ASTM, ASME various forged steel materials / carbon steel, stainless steel, blue brass type
Fluids: water, steam, gas, oil etc.
Pressure class · Nominal diameter: Class 150Lb ~ 2500Lb, ~ 60 "/ JIS 10K ~ 63K, ~ 1500A
Connection type: socket welded type, butt welded type, threaded type, flange type *
Operating method: Manual operation (including manual reduction gear included), electric operation, pneumatic operation

* In the case of flange type, please indicate surface shape (Raised face (RF) · Flat face (FF) etc) per flange standard (ASME, JIS etc).

● The above specifications are standard range. We will select individually according to usage conditions and application, so please show flow condition etc.
In addition to general globe valves, we also handle Angle valves, Y type valves, Needle valves, Bellows valves (metal sheets, soft sheets).