Control Valve

Pressure adjustment or flow adjustment is performed by controlling the element with electric or pneumatic operation.

There are globe type and rotary type etc. for its element and electric drive operation and pneumatic operation (cylinder type, diaphragm type) are available for the actuator.

We deal with valves compatible with special requirements such as high pressure gas certified valves and oil processing products.


Body material: JIS, ASTM, ASME various cast steel materials / carbon steel, stainless steel
Fluids: water, steam, gas, oil etc.
Pressure class · Nominal diameter: Class 150Lb ~ 2500Lb, ~ 60 "/ JIS 10K ~ 63K, ~ 1500A
Connection type: Flange type *, butt weld type, wafer type
Operating method: electric operation, pneumatic operation

* In the case of flange type, please indicate surface shape (Raised face (RF) · Flat face (FF) etc) per flange standard (ASME, JIS etc).

● The above specifications are standard range. We will select individually according to usage conditions and application, so please show flow condition etc.