Diaphragm Valve

The elastic diaphragm is pulled up by the actuator or pushed against the valve seat to open and close.

Because of its structure, the fluid is separated from the actuator by the diaphragm, and there is no risk of leakage of fluid from the gland like it happens sometimes with globe or ball valves, and no contamination of the fluid with grease from the actuator.

In addition, diaphragm valve has excellent maintainability; simply remove the bolt which fixes the main body and bonnet to replace the diaphragm.

We deal with oil-proof products and valves that meet special requirements.


Body material: JIS, ASTM, ASME various cast steel materials / carbon steel, stainless steel
Fluid: water, oil etc.
Pressure class · Nominal diameter: Class 150 Lb, ~ 12 "/ JIS 10 K, ~300 A
Connection type: Flange type
Operating method: Manual operation (including manual reduction gear included), electric operation, pneumatic operation

● The above specifications are standard range. We will select individually according to usage conditions and application, so please show flow condition etc.
(Diaphragm valves themselves are often used for special applications, and the specification varies widely according to their use.)