Butterfly Valve

Disk shaped valve element rotates 90 degrees in the cylindrical valve body to be open and close.

Since it has a rotary (or quarter-turn) structure like ball valve, it is easy to be fully open and fully close, and it is possible to adjust the flow rate or pressure by changing the angle of the element.

In addition, the structure is simple, and easily automatable. They are compact and lightweight and it’s available from small size to large size. Especially wafer type has excellent merit such as economic efficiency.

We deal with valves compatible with special requirements such as high pressure gas certified valves and oil prohibited products.


Body material: JIS, ASTM, ASME various cast / forged steel materials / carbon steel, stainless steel
Fluids: water, steam, gas, oil etc.
Pressure class · Nominal diameter: Class 150Lb ~ 900Lb, ~ 96 "/ JIS 10K ~ 63K, ~ 2400A
Connection type: flange type, wafer type
Operating method: Manual operation (including manual reduction gear included), electric operation, pneumatic operation

● The above specifications are standard range. We will select individually according to usage conditions and application, so please show flow condition etc.

In addition to general butterfly valves, we also handle double eccentric type, triple eccentric type, and TA-LUFT certified.