Business History

Yoneda and Company Ltd. has over 130-year history as a trading company. During this long time, we had tough times.
However, we could overcome the difficulties thanks to the presence of the strong trust relationship with our customers, within the company, along with our motto "sincerity and gratitude" always at heart.
We will continue to follow the lesson of our predecessors: always stand in the position of others to take thoughtful action, and we will grasp the rapidly changing trend of the times and make flexible transformations.

1880 September 17

Yonetaro Yoneda founded Osaka Wire Mesh Store in 6-chome Namba Shinchi, Osaka-shi.


Relocated a branch as Kobe Inoue Shop at 1-chome Sannomiya, Kobe.

1936 March 2

Reorganized the company as Kobe Inoue Shop Corp., Yasuo Yoneda appointed as CEO.

1942 February 13

Renamed the company Inoue Iron Works Corp., became a military cooperation factory.

1945 August 15

Reorganized the company as Kobe Inoue Iron Works Corp. and changed the commercial department as Yoneda Shoten. and the ironwork department as Kobe Inoue Iron Works.


Moved the office building from Ikuta-ku, Kobe-shi to Nada-ku, Kobe-shi.

1961 January 1

Reorganized Yoneda Shoten. as Yoneda Shoten Corp. with a capital investment of 1 million yen, Shiro Yoneda appointed as CEO.

1978 April 1

Capital stock increases to 10 million yen.

1984 January 1

Masaharu Yoneda appointed as CEO.

1995 January 17

Great Hanshin earthquake caused complete destruction of the company headquarters and warehouse.

1996 April 9

Company’s headquarter office and warehouse fully restored.

2010 March

Establishment of paint booth and paint storage warehouse for business expansion.

2010 December

Company establishment anniversary 50 years, founding anniversary 130 years.

2013 April 2

Reorganized as Yoneda & Company Ltd.

2014 April 2

Yasuhiko Yoneda took over the fifth-representative.

2015 December 15

Tokyo office opening.